Animal Assisted Interventions
Since 2010 adding more life to the days of many people
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Covid-19 Crisis Intervention


We improve people's quality of life.


Yaracan is a socially responsible company created in 2010, dedicated to Animal Assisted Interventions. It was born from an experience of help and emotional support of family dogs 40 years ago, which many years later crystallized in this project.


Throughout these years we have developed our own professional work method as a result of the application of international programs and the development of pioneering projects in Spain with the support and collaboration of great professionals in the health, veterinary and educational fields.


A consequence of this is our endeavor to develop R&D programs with centers of recognized prestige to deepen studies and results of the application in IAA and the necessary protocols to ensure the well-being and health of our canine companions and the correct development of the sessions without risks of zoonosis.


Our canine companions are capable of creating a "unique" environment and treat all human beings for what they are: the most important people in the world.

Areas of expertise

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)

Animal Assisted Education (AAE)


Intellectual disability

Alzheimer's and dementias

Multiple sclerosis

Brain damage

Cerebral palsy






Phobia of dogs

Animal Assisted Activities (AAA)



Coaching for companies

CSR and corporate volunteering

Crisis Response Animal Assisted (AACR)



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Covid-19 Intervention Program

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Intervention Centers



Senior residences


Day centers


Colleges of special and ordinary education


Centers for people with intellectual disabilities.


Early stimulation centers


Companies and communities

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Based on experience, the development of pioneering programs in Spain and the application of international intervention programs.