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We improve people's quality of life


We achieve this by professionally transferring the benefits that dogs provide to therapeutic, hospital and educational environments, integrating ourselves into existing processes to help people evolve favorably, always under the evaluation and direction of the responsible professionals.


We have a vocation and passion for our work with dogs and for the human beings with whom we are fortunate to collaborate, being aware that they are in a process of temporary or permanent vulnerability, both physical, mental and emotional.


The positive emotional activation generated by contact with dogs is added to the fact that they do not judge, do not feel sorry and treat us all the same. The already proven fact that they favor a reduction in heart rate, a decrease in blood pressure and the secretion of endorphins and oxytocin, allows us to work in cognitive, psychomotor, communication and social areas as a powerful resource to support therapeutic processes and existing educational facilities.


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Yaracan´s method


The intervention method with dogs is developed in order to be integrated into the existing therapeutic or educational processes, at the service of the professionals of the center, in order to promote, reinforce, influence and work on specific areas of interest for the people who attend the work session.


Yaracan's professional programs are not alternative or substitute, they are a complement, a support resource in the processes in which it intervenes and must be integrated into them. It is designed seeking excellence and control of each of the processes involved in a program.




They act as facilitators because, through dogs, people are made more accessible.


It is possible to increase the efficiency of the processes in which it intervenes, since the professionally guided dog manages to motivate, stimulate and excite the people who come to the session, who do for and for the dog what they would not do for or for themselves , which facilitates being able to work in different areas of intervention according to the objectives established by the center.


It requires multidisciplinary work, where the professionals of the center must be involved.


All programs must be evaluated following the same criteria. This not only offers information on the achievement of objectives in each center, it allows on a larger scale to have data that add up to the Animal Assisted Intervention programs as a whole.


The advantage of this way of working is that it is easily evaluable, it is measurable, it is repeatable, and it is structured.


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Awards and recognitions


2012 Fundación Corresponsables award for the “Best Social Initiative” (SME)

2014 Banco Santander VII call for social projects

2015 Merak Social Projects (Knorr-Bremse Group)

2016 Illustrious Official College of Veterinarians of Madrid, 1st "Animal Welfare Award"

2018 3rd ed. Prize for the "Humanization of Healthcare" (Teva Laboratories), awarded to Hospital de Torrejón for its TAA Project for elderly patients with depression, designed and executed by Yaracan.

2019 2nd ed. "Award for entrepreneurship and innovation in Health" (Icon Group) awarded to Hospital de Torrejón for its TAA projects in various areas, designed and executed by Yaracan.

2019 XXIII Tierno Galván Award for solidarity and human values. Special mention to Yaracan.

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