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The common denominator of the entire human team is the vocation and passion for this profession

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Begoña Morenza

IAA specialist. Founding partner and CEO

She has been in the dog world for 32 years. At the age of 16 she was the second delegate of the water dog club in Spain. From a very young age, she was dedicated to rescuing abandoned dogs and looking for a home for them that in most cases was her own.


At the age of 12 she decided that one day she would dedicate her life to helping other human beings through animals, since for her they were a great help in a chapter on bullying at the age of 9.


Degree in Business Management and Marketing from ESIC, expert in market development. In 2010 he decided to finish his stage as Business Development Manager for Spain and Argentina in the telecommunications sector and founded Yaracan IAA.


Specialist in assisted interventions since 2009. Canine educator and trainer of intervention dogs since 2010.


"It is the most beautiful job there is; working with therapy dogs is a source of pride and being able to contribute to the evolution of nearly two thousand people over the years is the best life project I could dream of.

Organizations are people and in our case they are also dogs. At Yaracan we are lucky to have a great team that makes each day better than the last and that together we add to the development of the IAA in Spain. Eternally grateful to my first Intervention dog, Tango , for his support and dedication every day of his life. "

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María Morenza

Expert in IAA. Head of training and programs at IAA


Graduated in sociology from the UCM (Madrid) and specialized in international cooperation programs and gender inequality, she decided to join the Yaracan team upon her return from a development cooperation program in Paraguay.


"Since 2011, adding, supporting the development of this dream and passionate about everything we live every day thanks to our four-legged companions and the wonderful people we meet thanks to them."


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Miguel Morenza

IAA specialist. Head of IAA programs.

Miguel has a degree in performing arts and combines his two passions, his profession in Yaracan and his profession as an actor. A great lover of animals and knowledgeable about the benefits they bring to human beings, he decided to join the Yaracan team in 2013 where, after his training and filming, he specialized in hospital programs and especially in support of mental health.


"The sensitivity and perception of dogs and the people we work with teaches us to be better human beings and learn to look at the world through its prism, without prejudice and enjoying every second of the present."


Sergio Pedrosa

IAA specialist. Responsible for the sanitary control of Yaracan.

Graduated in veterinary medicine from the UCM. Expert in Pain from the University of Salamanca. Collaborator of the UCM Pain Chair ( ). Director of studies, scientific dissemination and sanitary control at Yaracan since 2012 and Trainer specialist in the Overweight program at Royal Canin.


"Since I joined the Yaracan team, I saw it necessary to promote veterinary medical relations through different meetings and training sessions in order to establish work and health protocols that guarantee the correct development of IAA programs without risks of zoonosis, guaranteeing animal welfare at all times. "



Julia Correa

IAA specialist. Director of Yaracan Galicia

With a degree in law from the University of A Coruña and a master's degree in teaching staff, she decided to undertake the adventure of opening the first Yaracan delegation in Galicia in 2013. After two years of training and filming, Yaracan Galicia was born.


"I looked at various alternatives to bring the IAA to Galicia and I decided on Yaracan because of its professionalism and references. Today I can say that it has been the best decision and that it is fortunate to be part of this great team. Yaracan Galicia is already a reference in the market. We have to thank Lucía López for her support in preparing the intervention dogs under the supervision of the Madrid canine managers. "


Eco y Uma (9).jpg

Eugenia Correa

Expert in IAA. Head of IAA programs in Galicia

Graduated in psychology from the University of Santiago de Compostela specialist in systemic family therapy (Col. nº G-4666), she joined the team with her sister Julia in 2013, knowing that her experience as a psychologist could be enriched with the collaboration of intervention dogs and vice versa.


"Currently I live with several Yaracan dogs with whom I intervene in the different programs implemented in Galicia, it is a great professional and personal wealth not only for sharing our life with them but also for the professional experiences that we share with them."


TODOS JUNTOS (002).jpg

Valentina Mariotti

IAA specialist. Head of Yaracan Catalonia and animal welfare

Ethologist with a degree in veterinary medicine from the University of Pisa and a master's degree in clinical ethology, with more than 19 years of experience in the field of animal behavior. He has been working at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in the clinical ethology service of the Hospital Clínic Veterinari. Founding partner in the company We Can Dog Activities of Animal Assisted Interventions.


"After collaborating with Yaracan since its inception, both teams have decided to join together in 2020, thus adding experience and areas of specialization that undoubtedly enrich the offer and service offered at Yaracan and make us grow as professionals by establishing synergies."


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Oscar Ibañez 

IAA specialist. Responsible for dog training and intervention programs in Yaracan Catalonia

Expert in training and behavior modification of the canine area and development and execution of intervention programs, specialized in autism and cerebral palsy.


"In 2011 I met Yaracan and both Maria and Begoña spent an intensive week in the autism and cerebral palsy programs that I was running in Tarragona at the time. Dogs are my life and I am proud to be able to help other human beings with their collaboration. I will always be grateful to my dog ​​Dana for everything she has given me in her life. Whatever time passes we will never forget her. "


Marga Rodríguez

IAA specialist. Head of Yaracan Andalucía.

More than 20 years of experience in training and behavior modification. She was formed in 1998 in Bocalan and in 2006 in Educan, a company of which she was its delegate in Galicia. More than 12 years developing IAA programs in Galicia and Malaga. Expert in training of intervention dogs. Founder of the Alma Canina company. After more than six years collaborating with Yaracan first in Galicia and then in Malaga, in 2020 he joined the team, adding his experience and professionalism to the team at the national level.


"I am passionate about the world of dogs and being able to carry out IAA programs especially with children and adults. Deep down, dogs teach us if we get involved from the heart and have enough humility to open up and feel them. We act like older brothers but always allowing them to be and only guiding them. We are lucky that they let us be their life companions and that changes us forever. "

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